Sunday, March 9, 2014

No More Scrubbing Pants!

Yes, you read that right. White pants are white again WITHOUT SCRUBBING!  

How you might ask!? How can you do this without the toxic Iron Out smell? How do you get white pants without scrubbing with Oxi-clean? It isn't possible!

Oh but yes it is!  This is how I was told to do it by the AMAZING Rachel Horton. I have a painter's bucket and I pour in 1/4 cup of Murphy's Oil Soap. 
Then I fill the bucket 1/2 way with HOT tap water.  Submerge your dirty pants and stir your brew every 30 minutes for the first 2 hrs. I usually then let them soak overnight. 

The key is putting them in your longest wash cycle on warm after they soak and them hang them to dry. I have had 99% success over the last year and I will continue this. I actually started my brew just a few minutes ago. Here they are before going in. I'll post an update tomorrow of the clean pants. 

I have started adding 2 tablespoons of Dawn Platinum dish washing liquid to my Murphy's soap and water.  They are even BRIGHTER!

I know this is a different pair than the original post, but they had even more mud and grass stains on them. NO SCRUBBING at ALL! I promise!


  1. Does the oil soap .... leave them oily or smelling like cleaner?

    1. No, as long as you wash them in the washer with detergent after which is one of the steps.